Monday, January 30, 2012

The Random Stuff - From Coffee Addiction to Childhood Dreams - Get to Know A Little More About Me

So I thought sharing a little of the random stuff about me would be fun. And you may get to know me a little better from afar! Enjoy, and please share with me some of the random stuff about yourself too.
Not an ice cream fan, unless it's chocolate or Ben & Jerry's...
I would eat a chocolate every day. Instead I sometimes eat chocolate every day.

I'm addicted to coffee. But I can quit when I want to - I promise.

What activities did I enjoy as a kid? Dance was one of several others... Add winter outdoor activities to that mix...

I crave gourmet pizza in every country: grilled chicken with preferably a white sauce, extra garlic, artichokes, avocado slices, and mozzarella - I made it up myself. It's so good!

Leviticus is one of my favorite books of the Bible. Ask me about it. :)

I like to hang out in coffee shops (with or without bookstores) with a friend, a book, or alone. People can overload me - I need alone time. Being alone too much is unhealthy for me - make me go out.

Silence is my friend. Music is therapeutic. Nature is life-giving. Words are inspirational.

I began writing poetry as a child.

I love relationships - I mean, building friendships, really.

I love Encouraging and Empowering but not as the Entertainment (i.e. I don't like being the center of attention).

In my next life (pretend), I would be a novelist, landscape artist, criminal profiler...or undercover CIA agent. You never know... ;)

I have two high school diplomas. Figure that one out.

How many of my family pets died before I turned 10? 5+

I can't figure myself out...

I need alone time to process. And I'm a verbal processor.

In my life I have been called shy, confident, stuck up, blunt, sensitive, and outgoing - this could be confusing.

The task side of me (needing to get the job done) and my relational side were at war. Relational won. I quit my job to be a missionary. Now my task is to be relational. (My head and heart have similar wars - only it's daily...)

I love to travel. I want to go everywhere. And I want a home.
My beautiful mountains at my childhood home.

I love learning. So I may know a little about a lot of things and not much about anything.

I want to be a better listener and less selfish. I hate shopping especially with people because then I can't leave when clothes aren't fitting me. Trying on pants is the worst.

Growing up, I never wanted to be a missionary. It looked too hard. And they came from special factories in heaven - not where all of us common people were made. Later I realized that they are just normal people too.

I need to practice patience and flexibility. Maybe that is why God led me into missions.

I love outdoor stores!

When I was little, I wanted to play the drums and saxophone, be a helicopter pilot, and enter the Olympics in this sport?

You can comment or e-mail back and ask me more questions. But how about you? Be random, crazy, serious, introspective, and/or relational. I'd love it and love knowing more about you!


Anonymous said...

You remain in my prayers..God is so faithful, He blesses regardless of of my performance. Thank you for doing your part.
Go light on the coffee, that whole supply demand thing ...should keep my prices down!
Dale Leivestad

Shannon Mintz said...

Dale, Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! Haha - yeah, I have cut back on the amount of coffee, even weaned myself off for a while in January. It's great to hear from you. Be blessed, Shannon