Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Staff Intake Week

This is a photo of the group of us new staff for the June intake week here at the YWAM Montana base. My first week was a lot of introductory meetings about the base, its programs, staff, leadership, and helps designed for as YWAM staff and also for new staff. It was a good way to connect with many staff who work with different programs and who I did not know, and also to learn what they do. I loved learning several stories about how the Lord brought individuals and families as missionaries in YWAM and to Montana. I also worked on a personal mission statement, which I may share with you at a later time. One of the best things I came away with during intake week was that my trust in the leadership of this base was built up to even greater levels than where it already was and that the staff and leadership do seek the Lord in all they do. Praise God!

This morning in our staff meeting, our former base director Gordy shared part of his journey. He and his wife have moved back to the Flathead Valley (this area) and will be working with our base again. This is testimony to me of God's hand on the base and its leadership to be able to bring a former director back to work in another capacity here, and this shows the wonderful relationship they have.

I have been very busy--they have been keeping me busy! For the three weeks before DTS EQUIP begins, another girl and I are working in housekeeping--scrubbing many toilets and bathrooms, and mopping and vacuuming floors! It's quite the workout! We also have been stocking cleaning supplies around the base--after the first day I felt like I was in weight training. Then my roommate and I lived for about 5 days in chaos as we painted our room (and my dresser, a great yard sale find). What a hug task, as we had to prime all the walls and trim first (it formerly being black and lime green) and then paint two coats of color! But it is finished, and we are more settled in. Now we are only waiting for my roommate's permanent furniture to arrive (her parents are moving to the area, as many of her relatives already live here). It's beginning to feel a little homey! And I love my walls! Pics will be coming soon....

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Back at the YWAM Montana base

Hey Guys!

After a gruling 16 hour drive Friday, I made it to the Montana base safe and sound, well, as I could be. No mishaps or incidents, but I did take a wrong turn, not really, I went straight instead of taking a turn on a road I needed to take! I should have known better, having driven this several times! Didn't sleep well last night, so I am still tired. Situated my boxes and suitcases in my room today so it looks presentable, especially for my roommate. I need to yet buy a mattress (borrowing one now) and a large dresser (need storage) so my room can look like a room and not a storage unit! Everything doesn't feel quite real yet, kind of a dream like, hazy quality--I think that is the lack of sleep affecting my mind still. Intake begins Monday.

I am so thankful for those of you who are praying and/or financially supporting me to get me here, and for those of you want to begin to (it's not too late)! God has and is using you mightily! Thank you for seeing and taking part in my heart and the Lord's work through me!

In His Grace,