Thursday, May 24, 2012

Update on the "Where Will I Live" Saga? Drum Roll Please!

So y'all have probably been wondering in dire angst if I will be living in a TENT come June... 

Or if I will unwillingly find myself living the life of a vagabond, out on the street - GASP - homeless?!!

(Just Kidding. Really, I do take this seriously and the seriousness of people who live on the street.)

And I realize that my prior "Home" post could have been taken a bit more despondent than I intended - not that it isn't true - it is (except I am not despondent), and I do feel the way I wrote at times - but just not all the time...

I LOVE what I am learning and call myself blessed to be a part of Hope Africa - getting to know students and watching their lives change!

All that to say - I HAVE A HOME - in about a week, around June 1st!!! Woot!

Well, a HOME in the form of an APARTMENT!!!! It has a great location (minus a bit of traffic noise), and it's a walk away from the grocery store (important until I have a car)! The things I like best about it is that I will share with 2 great girls and it has such a warm atmosphere.

I am so excited to MOVE IN and to MAKE IT A HOME. 

Thank you so much, dear friends and family, for your care and prayers for myself, my HOME, and my TRANSITION (keep the prayers comin'). It really, really means a lot to know you guys are with me (and since I can't say it in person, I will add a lot of emphasizing "really's").

So will you come to my housewarming party?  ;)

And by the way, my knee is fine from my stellar fall a bit ago. It made a blue bruise - and my legs did hurt through the first night - but all-in-all it's not too shabby.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The HOUSE that Shannon Built OR I Just Might Live in a Tent

No, I am not building a house - I wish. All my watching HGTV and DIY would be put to actual use. And I love design, but moving on (dorky pun intended), that's beside the point.

So since I have moved to South Africa in February, I am living in my second temporary place.

And I have lived out of my packed bags since end of June 2011 (that is not a typo) - I'm on my 11th month now. 

Side note: While in the U.S. I traveled in 8 States in 7 months and slept in something like 10 different beds! I guess I've been a little bit on the transitional side of things, not my favorite of things.

And maybe you've had it worse - I'd love to hear it. Maybe I'd feel better about my own circumstances.

BUT as you can sympathize and as I just might be at the end of my rope right now with TRANSITION (it's becoming an ugly word to me), 

I need a HOME. 

My new bed and duvet need a home. 

My dog - oh, I don't have a dog...

My New Bed and Duvet - so comfy!

Ya know, it's not just a housing transition around here, it's kind of a
  • COUNTRY transition,
  • CULTURE transition, 
  • JOB transition, 
  • ACCENT transition (even if my students speak English, it's their second language), 
  • probably an EMOTIONAL and 
  • SPIRITUAL transition too.
So although I am not hammering away at the 2 x 4's of my home, I want to BUILD A HOME...


To WORK on adjusting, learning, adapting, ACCLIMATING (I don't really know how to do this, but I'll just "keep on" and keep on prayin'), AND

To FIND a house or apartment and housemates to share with. 

Otherwise, I just might borrow that tent that was offered to me.

So if you could, keep on praying with me? I consider housing possibilities ...and hope for a permanent status. 

Need (at least something) by beginning of JUNE.

And really, share with me your "worse" transitional or moving circumstances!!!

P.S. Thought I'd share my clumsy/near death moment today: I tripped almost head-first into oncoming traffic today... Landed on hands and knees, halfway on the sidewalk and halfway off the curb! Thankfully and sadly, only my bruised knees and favorite jeans :( will be paying for it! I'll let you know how my knees feel tomorrow!