Tuesday, September 21, 2010

...And Here I Go!!! South Africa!!!

Me on a rock bridge in the Badlands of Montana.

I don't even know where to start... because so much has happened in my "transition" from YWAM Montana to South Africa. So I'll try to summarize my usual long windedness - for your benefit.

Here are some points of God's Blessing and Continued Prayer.

#1) God's Provision. Thank you so much for your generous blessings on my journey. I was able to buy things needed for South Africa, renew my passport, purchase plane tickets and a South African visa, and pay for my 1st term of tuition for School of Biblical Studies! I am truly astounded by how God works through you and beyond my little faith.

Please pray for continued provision, especially monthly donations. Consistent giving helps me to be able to plan for how I will pay my expenses and so that I can pay these. I have 2 more terms of tuition due January 1 and April 1 plus personal expenses.

If you would like more information on how to give, please go to

#2) Blessed time with friends and family. Time flew by as my time was limited and we all were very busy this summer, so I am sad I was not able to see all of you. But I was truly blessed my old and new friends. Thank you for your hospitality and fellowship, coffee and chats, laughter and yes, even some good tears.

Please pray for a few good friendships to develop easily. And a great roommate!  I am starting new in South Africa - it's a good thing to have a few good people around. :)

#3) Safe Travels. God kept me safe through many States, many miles, and sometimes even 12 + hours in the car - alone! And wonderful friends to stay with along the way. The highlight of driving is always North Yellowstone National Park below Bozeman, MT! It's mountains and streams are breathtaking and will get any hikers blood running.

Please pray for continued ease and safety in traveling.

#4) YWAM School of Biblical Studies. Please pray for my studies, transitioning smoothly into the culture, and outreach opportunities. I will be starting the School of Biblical Studies in Muizenberg, South Africa on September 27th. This training will enable me to teach God's Word to Africans with little or no Bible training. I am looking forward to being immersed in God's Word, hearing more of God's heart, building friendships with my co-students from around the world, and connecting with my South African neighbors in the surrounding community through life, study, and outreach!

Thank you every one of you for your friendship, prayers, encouragement, and support!  If you don't know it already, God uses you to help me walk forward in faith when I am weak and hold my head up as you see Who God has created me to be. I only hope to touch people as God has used you to touch my life - to love, to be kind, to be a friend, to be a support SO that others can learn how to be the same - touched by the kindness of God that leads to repentance (Rom. 2:4). And that they may be moved to touch others.

Bless you.

Shannon Mintz