Sunday, May 26, 2013

A New Job, A New Hope

I shared this story on Facebook not too long ago but realized I should begin sharing these small but impacting updates with those of you who don't have Facebook. 
 Be Encouraged! ~ Shannon
 Recently, I bumped into one of my former Life Direction and Computer Training students while she was working at a grocery store - she just so happened to be my cashier! Such a great thing to see an awesome woman, who was formerly unemployed, utilizing her job and people skills! What a blessing to chat with her, hear the wonderful place she is at, and see her smile! 
 This is just an aspect of what we hope to do at Hope Africa: help people to know their great value, equip individuals for successful employment, and help them in job placement.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lots to Catch Up on: Visiting the States... Fear, Gratefulness... Name Change of Bridge for Hope to HOPE AFRICA, Thembelani's Story, New Website...

Hi guys,

I know it's been a while. And it's May - of 2013!!! - I can hardly believe it! That means I have been here 15 months straight! Whoa. Yes, I am hankerin' for a trip home to the U.S. of A. It's the longest amount of time I've been in a foreign country and is definitely a growing experience in SO many ways. I will have to  tell you about it in person... as I HOPE to buy tickets home for sometime in July-August - would you please PRAY with me in purchasing tickets, finances, timing for my trip to the States and to several States to visit family and friends? And also some logistics I need to work out on this side of the sea - with ministry and my stuff/flat for the 2 months I will be gone. It's been A LOT on my heart and in my prayers. Thank you.

Mad hike one hot day overlooking Cape Town - Table Mountain and Lion's Head in the distance.
 I cannot emphasize enough how Grateful I am to God as my Provider, Sustainer, and Leader. Faith and Rest in Him to hold me has taken another level over here - as I am still learning - He holds my fear and stresses and unknowns. A missionary lady said something along these lines recently,  

"Fear is doubting God's capability and His character." my life. others. the world around me. (Choose your ending.)

Boom. That one really hit me up side the head. God's capability, God's character, HE is Trustworthy. I am reflecting on that and being changed by that more and more.

And I cannot say it enough how I am SO Grateful for God using people in my life to support and encourage me - from afar and new ones nearby. I realize how important Friendship and Community are. If you are lonely or aren't lonely, I bet you someone is - please reach out today. 

(I'm being too wordy - must be because I haven't written in a while.)

And now for awesome news. You know I work in ministry in South Africa with Bridge for Hope - But recently we went through a NAME CHANGE to HOPE AFRICA COLLECTIVE. The vision and what we do hasn't changed, but this name captures us better. You can read about it here:

And I would love for you to watch Thembelani's story here: Thembelani shares how God has transformed his life. And now he impacts people's lives in his community through Hope Africa. He is truly an awesome guy, and I think he will encourage you!

Also, check out more on our New Website with our New Name:

That's all for now - I think! Please drop me a line about your lives. I would to hear and pray for you.  

Many blessings from the bottom of Africa.  ~ Shannon