Friday, August 6, 2010

Coming Home

I ask myself this question, “Why is this my life? Why missions? Why evangelism? Discipleship? Why leave the comforts of home? Why to the nations? Why to South Africa?"

And it all boils down to one thing… that moves me, that makes me speak, that gives me breath.


It’s about relationship with the only One that really matters, the One that gives breath, the One that gives Life.

It’s about the little boy in Uganda with no parents and no home being loved.

It’s about the teenager visited in a dream by the One True God and being led to “foreigners” who know Him.

It’s about the minister’s wife in Thailand who just needs to be held as she cries and to know that she is not alone.

It’s about encouraging the Saints in the lonely places,

Giving sight to the blind,

Food to the poor,

Mothers to the motherless,

Fathers to the fatherless,

Bringing Life to the hopeless,

And the prodigal sons and daughters coming Home.