Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Marhaba Friends 03.26.08

"Mar-ha-ba" Friends (Hi),

I am here, and it is hard to type on their computers at an internet cafe. The first week has been so good. So far, we have met the our contacts here. Our group gets together in the park right by the Aegean Sea, and we sing and read. But we get awesome interruptions...with people and kids wanting to meet us. So we try to communicate in broken English, their language, and sign language. Then we play music for them or play volleyball and frisbee and talk about what music they like. Awesome opportunities are opening. We danced on Sunday for our new friends. Please keep remembering me and my group, for open doors, and that I would lead wisely, and for encouragement our friends here. That people we meet would have soft hearts. That we would find a translator. That maybe we could go into schools and teach English. And maybe do a concert in the park by the sea. Also that the right people would be put in front of us to develop good friendships.