Friday, October 11, 2013

Learning about My Superhero Personality and Yours’ too, and Praying for Others – It’s a Gigantor of a Post – But Hopefully Amusing, Informative, and Thoughtful

I've been thinking about birthdays lately as I’ve entered my birthday month of October. I really love October, don't you? Maybe I am biased, but in the States one can be surrounded by a beautiful autumn - there is something brilliant about the fall-colored leaves cascading into blankets with crisp mornings and the warm glow of sunshine transforming the ice-glazed grasses (but I really don’t like getting my shoes - and feet - wet on those mornings).

Here in South Africa October brings on a different season – ocean side – the rain clouds are lessening, and the days are becoming warmer, brighter, and longer (although the winds pick up and can chill you to the bone). The air holds promise. Well, really, it holds the promise of summer - my favorite time of year. But I digress…

As I've been thinking about my birthday (and in denial about my age, past the 3 decade mark - and that's all the hint you get) I've also been reading about my personality. I LOVE personality tests! I love figuring out who people are and what makes them tick. And I'd say I love figuring myself out - but some days I just don't "get" ME.
Photo Credit: Superman image via article
I read more on the Myers-Briggs Personality Types recently, but this one was more awesome because it compared each personality to a superhero as in the Comic book kind (or if you watch movies). I love this because I’ve seen how those superheroes’ personalities worked in their “movie circumstances.” For years I’ve thought I was an ISFJ, Introvert-Sensing-Feeling-Judging – think Superman (which is pretty cool). Not to be boxed in, but this time I tested as an INFJ, Introvert-Intuitive-Feeling-Judging, as in Jean Grey from X-Men (or Beast – it’s a toss up between self-destructive fury or really furry). If you want to read more about superhero personalities – yours or mine – go to There is a link to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator at the bottom of the article, or go to it here at (or take a similar test at I would love to learn about your personality (according to the article “INFJ’s want to understand other people’s motivations”) so comment on my blog or shoot me an e-mail, but again don’t box yourself in – we all have multi-superhero-personality disorder! Just kidding, we are each multi-faceted, unique, specially and significantly created individuals.

On the personality note, I've met some of these really awesome, multi-faceted, and unique individuals – with a variety of personalities. This past year in South Africa I've been blessed to make beautiful friends - some different and some more similar to me (many times my close friends are quite the opposite of me in personality – go figure – with a few overlapping interests). I've been astounded by the staff I have the opportunity to work with in ministry. 

These people are international. These people are national. And local. 
From various backgrounds.
All amazingly different and gorgeously unique.

Introverted and Extroverted. Joyful Ones. Prayer Warriors. Encouragers. Compassion. Passion. Preachers. Teachers. Leaders and Learners.

Jesus Followers. God Glorifiers.

And as we reach for the heavens here on earth, the Holy Spirit in us and working through us – God WITH us –

There are hardships we face.

They take on different forms:
- Disease.
- Death.
- Discouragement.
- Defeat.

- Lack of food, housing… 
- Even the worry of "Will the resources come so that I can feed my family, or even me… tonight? Tomorrow?"
- "Will I have a job next week? Or in a month?"

And I am not just saying these things because they just occurred to me. But… but I come face to face with these Faces. (If we stop for a second and dare to un-guard our hearts, can't we all see the Faces?)

What I want to say is this – Four Things:

1. I am THANKFUL for TOGETHERNESS. That we can all work together. Minister together. Meet together. That it doesn't matter the country, continent, ethnicity, social background we come from, or the variety of personalities - and although there is sin in the world and there is the guarantee we will bump heads, God created people to BE and DO together.

2. I am THANKFUL for MY PERSONALITY. I have fits of not understanding myself and my character which is continually in the process of needed transforming, but I am reminded how much I love small groups and one-on-one time with people (and small doses of large crowds!). Being there WITH them. Listening. Learning Deeply Who They Are. Empathizing. And Interceding. (And laughing - yes, the privileged few get to meet my goofy side.)

3. I am THANKFUL for the UNIQUENESS of EACH PERSON and the VARIANCES of PERSONALITY. We are glaringly different. We have our garbage and struggles. And Yet, God did not dis-choose us because of this (we have to deal with it and journey through it). I may be struggling right now. You may be struggling. But God has specially created each person with a unique personality and wonderful talents. To care for the earth – His whole Creation and People. And to glorify Him through this.

4. And finally - not last or least - but essentially, please pray. Yes, I may have mountain-highs and valley-lows, and I am so thankful for your prayers for me. But right now I ask you to PRAY FOR THOSE AROUND ME who I minister with, who I minister to, even those who I don't know (because God can call a stranger to pray for the stranger). I see grief. I see talents. I see people needing Strength. Needing Peace. Needing - not the wind or the storm - but the gentle whisper… The still, small voice. The arms to hold and comfort. The door to open. The finances to pour. The worries and fear to be replaced by courage. And God's reality - God WITH us - to be truly known.


What personality are you?
Can this be helpful in understanding more of yourself and your journey?
Can this be helpful in understanding more of others?

Thanks for reading and for your comments and prayers.


(For further reading, see Gen. 1, 1 Kings 19, Isaiah 7-8, Matt.1, Eph. 2-4)