Saturday, January 26, 2008

Christmas Day

I spent Christmas with my sister Marte in Minneapolis, MN, and it was so great to spend some quality time with her as I hardly get to see her because of distance and money. Here also is her fiance Devon, and his great kids Amitri and Amari, who were visiting for the holidays. It was a blast to share the excitement and awe of children during the Christmas season! There is such a magical quality to their outlook.

Christmas Vacation

Over Christmas vacation I was blessed to visit my old home and friends in Redding, CA! Here I am with my friend Brandee at Hebrews coffee shop. She is such a prayer warrior and encouragement to me. She did her DTS at YWAM Montana several years ago and completely recommended it to me when I was looking into coming here. She was a bit unsettled that my computer could take pictures! Haha. It works great when you forget your camera.

Randomness . . .

Anna is a friend here at YWAM Montana and staff for the School of Biblical Studies. She loves to lead worship, speak to students, teach, and write. She has such amazing depth--to discuss with her is such a joy!

Our trip to the GO! Conference, a YWAM missions' conference in Estes Park, CO. It included 5 vans pulling 2 trailers, along with assorted other vehicles to carry our caravan of around 80 students and staff driving for 2 days, totaling 18-19 hours(end October 2007). I helped drive one of the vans. The conference had DTS students from several bases, seminars, worship, intercession, and many speakers, one being Darlene Cunningham. The conference was great, but sad to say I got a bad flu (body, not throw-up) on the way home!
#1: Lacey, who is in my small group, and I on the drive.
#2: Snapped by Lacey while I was sleeping.

Some pics from Sharis' Birthday at MacKenzie River Pizza Company. Sharis was a student with me in Fall DTS 06 and on my outreach team to Uganda. Currently, she is a student with School of Biblical Studies here at YWAM Montana.
#1: Me, Katherine, and Sharis.
#2: My roommate Becky with me.