Saturday, September 28, 2013

On Remembering and Thanking - On Visiting WITH YOU in the States (With Pictures!)

Hello, States!
Hello, family and friends! 
Long time, no see! 

A year and a half goes by quickly and slow as snails (and all at the same time!) –
“I miss you,” says me!
Recapping my visit and trek across 9 States -  
Ah, even these nearby memories hold my wistful gaze.

Delighting in "squish" faces with my "growing in front of me," "baby no more," beautiful niece. 
Basking in flowers and sunshine. 
Mountain views. 
Glass lakes.
Cascading waterfalls.

Horse, ride, hike and bike.

Aching legs - not used to rides!

Plane (neck ache), train, auto, and BUS -

36 hours (yes, on the bus) –

"Go big or go home!"


Interesting people - and stories - from all walks of life (!!!)

And all over the globe - China, England, India, Spain…

Good conversation – that’s a delight.

Lost bag (ahem, bus line I shall not name). 

Then found again.

Generosity to the utmost - again and again.

Clothes to borrow.

Beds to sleep.

Cars to drive.

Drivers to drive me.

Coffee and dinners – Mexican food –
Ah, in South Africa none’s been in sight!
Sharing and caring.
Laughter and jokes abound.
I think I’m stress free!

- The chiropractors help.
And vitamins – restocking my bags galore.
“Being healthy, eating healthy” is my motto.
But my body doesn’t agree.  

“Is it whooping cough?”
“But you’re Really, Very sick.”
“Take these drugs”
and 3 weeks of feeling very yuck.

And nearing the end,
It’s been constant, “quick” hellos
And “let-me-NOT-think-about-the-goodbyes” 
For two months time.
“Man, I hate this emotional ride.”

I still see your Faces – 
Ah, I’ve been poor at capturing the digital kind. 
But my heart –
It’s surrounded by love and friendship,
Generosity and encouragement – 
The “crosses oceans” kind.

Friends who are family.
Strangers who become friends.
God knows I need them.
God knows I need Him.

He provides exactly what I need. 
“Please take care of my family, friends,
All I’ve left behind.
You know I need them.
You know they need You.” 

I don’t know how to end this message
But for what’s been my heart’s next prayer.
I can always be occupied by “do,” “what’s next,”
Even “work on” and “grow.”
But right now I see JESUS. 

To worship, glorify and thank Him. 
Because He, HE IS IT. 
Nothing else.
No more.

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!”
~ Isaiah 6:3 ~
 As I am back in South Africa about a month now, I reflect. 
I am so thankful to God for WHO HE IS - for everything.
I am so grateful to you, my friends and family, for your encouragement, caring, praying, generosity, time, and love while I was visiting the States. 
No words describe how God has used you (and still is!). 
I realize again how important Connection, Community, and Being Surrounded and Supported is - even from afar. 
Thank you for being a vehicle of blessing.
With Love. 
I'd love to hear from you.
What are you thankful for?
What is the Lord bringing to reflection for you during this season?