Thursday, July 13, 2006

dark poetry

The wretchedness of my soul
Cries out in pain
Despondent in the Darkness,
Seeing nothing but a bleak hole
As a heart--Torn.

In anguish I seek answers.
Is there anything to fill this black abyss?
Is all sought hopeless
And bringing unfulfillment,
To arrive only at more desperation for a cure?

The storm clouds thunder
Lightning tearing apart the night sky
As if the sun had reappeared for a split second
Before remembering the Ruler of Night.
Should I fear?

--But I hesitate
As a single drop of silver rain
Pierces the shield around my heart,
And I feel my life blood pulse
A beat, then another.

A sense of knowing overcomes me
And I live again.
Doom is conquered
By His foe--the eternal, all-powerful Light.
God of All.

by Shannon Mintz
Written at High School Youth Group Worship Night.
Inspired by my desire to express the bleak worldview and emotional nature of many high school students while still presenting the power of God as The Answer to all.