Thursday, September 14, 2006

In Montana Update

Hey everyone,

I am safely in Montana before my DTS with YWAM. So far, I made the long drive to visit my parents in Glendive, and now I am visiting friends in my hometown of Eureka, MT. I will be at the base Sunday afternoon for the beginning of my adventures in YWAM and learning from the Lord.

My trip has been good, driving uneventful, and beautiful with barren Nevada, a bit of Yellowstone, Makoshika State Park (the Badlands of rugged sandstone mountains and ravines), old homesteads, schools, and churches along the way. I even saw a horse pulled covered wagon driving down the highway—not kidding. I have stepped back in time, recalling old memories and seeing old haunts (but with new people and structures intruding on visions of old home).

The mountains here received their first snowfall, frosting the tops of the purple mountains that loom over the Tobacco Valley (where I grew up). My old friend Sarah and I were talking about how when I was little I always thought the mountains were purple and blue in color, and then I would color them that way on paper. They really do look that color! If you have never seen that, you are really missing it.

For 2 nights I have been privileged to be serenaded by the Front Porch Family Band, the Henderson's who are my friends I am staying with. The play folk, blue grass type music, the whole family sings, and are amazing. They have a gig tomorrow night in Missoula about 4 hours away!

Thank you for your continued prayers. Please continue to pray for my finances as I am still short some!

God Bless,