Thursday, May 22, 2014

Countdown Zimbabwe! By the Time You Read This I May be Flying... Or Arrived!

Honestly, it's been a whirlwind this week preparing for my Zimbabwe trip! From doing normal things to jobs around the house to preparing and packing, my heart is both racing and I can hardly believe that I am going!

Zimbabwe, where I am going
Photo Credit: Gogo Olive via Gogo Olive on Facebook

I haven't been on outreach - a missions trip - since 2009 in Thailand/Cambodia... Because really, I don't count living here in South Africa as outreach. It finally feels like "home" here - most days. I "own" it [South Africa] more. Cape Town, South Africa is being added to my list of "homes," places that have a piece of my heart - always.

But what would I want to tell you - this late at night - and too anticipatory of tomorrow to sleep? ...Even though I have to get up before anything sane should even be moving.

You see, I have this list of countries I want to go to, and the list just keeps growing. I don't know if it's God or if it's just me, but I get excited to experience new people, places, and cultures! I love history; I love learning about people. And I love seeing people through God's eyes. Really, I am in awe God's great love for people - for people in Zimbabwe - and my heart is interceding for what God might have in store for me, my outreach buddy Felicity, and for the people of Zimbabwe - together.

So, if I could ask you one thing,
could you lift up prayers with me?

- That the love of God would be displayed, that God would be moving, that there would be more of Him and less of me, that He would be glorified, and His Kingdom be known as the beautiful thing WE - American, British, South African, and Zimbabwean... - belong to, which is near His heart, in His throne room, and WITH Him!

Thank you so much! And please, drop me a line if so inclined!
I'd love to hear from you but unsure of my internet use while in Zim.
I will definitely be sharing A LOT when I get back!

Much love & God bless,


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm Zimbabwe Bound! Opportunity from May 23 to June 5

I am so excited to let you know about the upcoming opportunity I have to go to South Africa's (and my) neighbor to the northeast, the country of Zimbabwe, for two weeks! 

A friend and I are invited there by a friend's ministry Gogo Olive, which is a job creation program to help women who are unemployed. Through knitting products women are able have hope for their future and their families' futures. The "vision is to enable Zimbabwean women to journey into the fullness of life for which God created them." From small beginnings in 2008, they now have about 60 knitters. Isn't it amazing how God is providing a means of life for them in a country in hard circumstances, and they are invited to grow in their relationship with Him?!

Lovely Poster Design Credit to my Zim ministry buddy Felicity Davies

Our hearts are really to serve and bless the local people, specifically the women at Gogo Olive, but also to bless the ministry workers. Places like Zimbabwe have their challenges, which you can Google or read about here:

Some of the prospective things we hope to do are:
  • Paint a beautiful mural on a prison wall where some of the knitting ladies live.
  • Listen to and love others with the love of Christ in us. Sometimes spending time with someone and listening to their stories shows the greatest care and affirms their great value.
  • Encourage the ladies through devotions and any other teaching opportunities.
  • Pray for people. Be expectant that God will move.
  • Share their stories with you, and communicate what God is doing in Zimbabwe!
...But as with any missions trip planning, we are flexible to unexpected changes. :)
I am just so amazed and humbled to partner with God in South Africa and for this beautiful chance to experience His heartbeat and His great love for the people of Zimbabwe! A huge part of my heart is that these ladies discover their Identity in God and are Empowered to live out His plan for them!

I would be so thankful if you could pray with us?
  • Safe and protected travels and time there: luggage arriving, nothing stolen, no sickness (need to take Malaria meds - ugh!), and prison safety.
  • For the people we meet, the knitting ladies, and the ministry workers - that they would find peace and rest and His great love and comfort.
  • Opportunities to serve and bless.
  • God would give us words to speak and His love and compassion.
  • Finances.
  • If you have any prayers for us, I would be so blessed and love to hear them! Please e-mail me.

God is calling LIFE out of dry ground. He is using His servants around the globe - everywhere - in your corner and in mine! He desires ALL Hearts to know Him. He so personally cares about EACH Person on this earth, in every community, county, country, continent... He pursues with LOVE and with LIFE. His Life transforms lives and communities and nations.

If you'd like to partner with me in this endeavor, go to I am making purchases that are above my normal living expenses, such as flights/travel, visas, coffee and stuff to bring to my ministry friends (it's more expensive there), paint brushes, etc. for ministry purposes, and miscellaneous trip needs.

Thank you for listening, praying, and your heart for the nations!

Love and God bless,

Shannon Mintz
Visit their website: Gogo Olive