Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Beginnings in South Africa - History Part I

I first journeyed to South Africa for YWAM's School of Biblical Studies in 2010. I had sold what I owned in the U.S. for the move, and I was blessed to buy furnishings for my new home in South Africa.  Also by God’s provision through people, I was able to pay each month for my expenses to live in South Africa. So far I’ve had Five different roofs over my head during two years. I am thankful for a lovely, cozy, and secure flat and a wonderful flatmate.
Our first Life Skills class!
Photo Credit: HAC Staff
After a visit to the States, I arrived back in South Africa in early 2012 and served with Youth With A Mission Muizenberg and Hope Africa Collective but had no idea what that would look like. I began by staffing the Life Development course for people who are unemployed in order that they obtain job skills, employment, and to become financially stable. Approximately 150 people a year have received this training, and many have gone on to gain employment!

I took over the administration and management for the Computer Training course from mid-2012 to 2014. My time at Hope Africa also included coordinating and teaching the Bible Overview seminar, teaching job interview preparation, leading small groups, setting up and running the Registrar and computer Database, etc. I wore many hats! If the staff had a question, they knew I might know the answer or how to fix it. All of the students who attended Hope Africa's programs have been introduced to the Bible and Jesus with salvations during each program! 

People's hearts have been receptive to the work and life of Jesus Christ! Praise God!

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