Thursday, May 24, 2012

Update on the "Where Will I Live" Saga? Drum Roll Please!

So y'all have probably been wondering in dire angst if I will be living in a TENT come June... 

Or if I will unwillingly find myself living the life of a vagabond, out on the street - GASP - homeless?!!

(Just Kidding. Really, I do take this seriously and the seriousness of people who live on the street.)

And I realize that my prior "Home" post could have been taken a bit more despondent than I intended - not that it isn't true - it is (except I am not despondent), and I do feel the way I wrote at times - but just not all the time...

I LOVE what I am learning and call myself blessed to be a part of Hope Africa - getting to know students and watching their lives change!

All that to say - I HAVE A HOME - in about a week, around June 1st!!! Woot!

Well, a HOME in the form of an APARTMENT!!!! It has a great location (minus a bit of traffic noise), and it's a walk away from the grocery store (important until I have a car)! The things I like best about it is that I will share with 2 great girls and it has such a warm atmosphere.

I am so excited to MOVE IN and to MAKE IT A HOME. 

Thank you so much, dear friends and family, for your care and prayers for myself, my HOME, and my TRANSITION (keep the prayers comin'). It really, really means a lot to know you guys are with me (and since I can't say it in person, I will add a lot of emphasizing "really's").

So will you come to my housewarming party?  ;)

And by the way, my knee is fine from my stellar fall a bit ago. It made a blue bruise - and my legs did hurt through the first night - but all-in-all it's not too shabby.


bronnileigh said...

Looks lovely! (and I'm pretty sure I recognize it)

Wishing you many more happy, days, months, years in beautiful Muizenberg - there really is no place like it!

bronnileigh said...

Looks lovely!

Wishing you many more happy days, months, and years in beautiful Muizenberg! There really is no place like it!

Shannon Mintz said...

Thank you! Took me a minute to figure you who you were ;) Looks like you have VERY exciting stuff happening on your end of the world too!!! Blessings. And I do love Muiz - I'll love it even more with a car...

Alece said...

so exciting! your new place looks GREAT!